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FXI's company information is described in our IR-page at Spotlight Stock Market.


FXI's share is listed on Spotlight Stock Market (code: FXI) since April 15, 2011. The ISIN code is SE0003787555.

Dividend Policy

FXI has adopted a dividend policy whereby 75 percent of net income is distributed to shareholders. During each dividend payment, the company will propose to the shareholders to issue new shares at net asset value.

Other Company Information

The company's organization number is 556797-0800. The company's full name is FX International AB (publ). The company is public (publ) and its head office is in Malmoe, Sweden. The company was originally registered on the 14th December 2009. The current strategy has been employed by the company since 7 June 2010. The company's association form is governed by the Swedish Companies.

Act (2005: 551). Shareholders' rights associated with the shares can only be changed in accordance with this regulatory framework.


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2020-02-14 - 2020-02-28


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Årsstämman 2019

För dig som inte kan delta på årsstämman finns det möjlighet att skicka in fullmakt. Vänligen ladda ner och fyll i denna samt skicka den i original till FX International AB (publ), Derbyv 6E, 212 35 MALMÖ oss tillhanda senast 20191013.

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