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FX International AB (publ) is a public limited company registered at Spotlight Stock Market with ticker FXI. The Company is registered as a financial institution at Finansinspektionen (Swedish Financial Supervising Authority).

The company's business model focuses on algorithm-driven trading using artificial intelligence within the foreign exchange market. We carries out own asset trading, is Active advisors to fund companies, and management to qualified investors. The focus on management is to achieve risk-adjusted investment strategies that intend to achieve positive absolute returns through exposure in currency markets, with low or no correlation to actual business cycles.

Trading is based on our own trading platform, Genova FX ™, which utilizes statistical models based on artificial intelligence to achieve attractive and stable returns in the international currency market. Unlike traditional active management the use of artificial intelligence results in trading performance that differ significantly from traditional actively managed funds. All research and development takes place in Sweden and is performed by well-trained specialists with unique skills in their respective areas of work. The trading system has more than 8 years of research and development behind it and is now, after more than seven years of positive trading results, one of the leading systems for profitable currency trading on the international market.




Johan Olsson, is an entrepreneur with background in medical technology, IT, real estate and consumer goods. The focus is on sales and market development. Education in business administration and organization. International experience of management and board work. Worked as expert and coach for small and medium-sized companies on behalf of the EU Commission in various contexts. Former CEO of both listed and private companies.
Certified by the Styrelseakademien as a board member and a mentor at Lund University's Masters program in entrepreneurship and for Connect Sweden (VC/BA network).


Board Member

Has an Executive Masters from EFL, Lund University in business and administration. Jonas Hagberg has been a member of the management team as COO and responsible business developer within Saldab IT during the growth years 2009 to 2017 during which 4 Gaelic Awards of the Year were awarded and the growth increased from SEK 5 to SEK 130 million. Jonas Hagberg has also been sales manager and business developer within Carl Lamm and Ricoh.


Board member

has long experience from the finance industry. He has previously worked for, among other things, as a manager at Saxo Bank. His expertise lies in capital and fund management.


Board member

is a shareholder, portfolio manager and the director of investment services by investment management company VALOR o.c.p., et al. Michal Kliman started trading since 2008. He focused his career on developing trading strategies based on statistics and mathematics and is the creator of trading strategies used for the foreign exchange market. He worked for several European banks and asset management companies M Securities et al. Michal Kliman received a master's degree in financial management that is certified with a state degree Diploma thesis on the topic "Use of structural equation modeling (SEM) in Management". He has also studied financial mathematics at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany. He studied insurance mathematics at the Comenius University in Bratislava and holds a bachelor's degree in international management who is certified with state examination. Thesis on topic. FX investment strategies. Michal Kliman has long experience of portfolio management with a strong focus on statistical analysis of market behavior.


Board member

is a business economist with studies from Kristianstad University. Hans Forsberg also has training as Board member from the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors. He has been a part of the management team and responsible business developer within this year's Super Gazelle 2016 with a growth of over 5000%. Hans Forsberg has since 2016 also been involved in the business development in two smaller companies with a growth of about 3750%. Hans Forsberg also has assignments as an advisor and business developer for larger and smaller companies, and he also acts as a consultant to Coompanion with advice for private and public organizations. Hans Forsberg has been working as an employee CEO of IT consulting company Odd Bits AB at Ideon in Lund since 2017.



Sofie has extensive experience in Corporate Finance and business development. Since 2013, she has held the role of CEO of United Commercial Credit Union K/S in Denmark. Sofie has valuable and current knowledge of the business, a degree, and a background in marketing and sales.  

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